An innovative Augmented Reality application, that shows photos of locations projected on the camera screen.

In the MemoPoint family, you can have the same solution for your town, sightseeing, or other tourist target!


Possible usage concepts:

-A tourist guide company can offer an additional level of sightseeing experience in a branded application

- A hotel can show multiple old images from different angles

- A memorial place can visualize the battle event

- A ski region can show images from the places how they look in the summer season

- Promotion - for example a coffe shop can display an ad after viewing an old image of the shop to come and taset the best coffee of the town

- Campaign - visit the MemoPoint, and you get 10% discount

- And many more...


- Do you want to reach the young generation? - The intense visual experience is very popular among them!

- Do you want to address the elder generations? - Flashbacks are very welcome among these people!

- Do you want to raise the number of your visitors? - Visiting the MemoPoints can invite people to come inside!

- Do you want to have returning visitors? - Showing images of a festival or the opposite season will attract people!

- Do you want to get noticed among your competitoers? - Our innovative technology makes this possible!


What you get:

1. After signing the necessary agreements, our company will prepare for you a MemoPoint application. Let us suppose you want to have an application for the town called 'Mytown'. In this case the application will be called 'MemoPoint Mytown'.

2. In the application production phase you deliver to us the images to be shown at the locations, the coordinates of the locations, and the texts for each location along with the desired translations

3. After a short development phase, the application is ready for some testing. You can test it in the town. If needed, we do the the adjustments so that all images appear right where they should.

4. When ready, we publish both the Android and iOS applications in the corresponding stores.


In case this does not exactly fit your need, you shall not be disappointed either. We have several additional related services, like image scanning, graphical adjustments, complete rebranding, printed promo materials etc.


Additional details and ordering:


About the company

Attrecto Zrt. - is one of the largest mobile software developer companies of Hungary. Our passion is to develop high quality, creative and professional smartphone applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) that are practical and at the same time well-designed.


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